JPC- Injector Flowing & Cleaning Service (Set of 4)

JPC- Injector Flowing & Cleaning Service (Set of 4)

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Looking to have 4 of your injectors flow tested? We're making the process even easier by processing everything online!

We offer the some of the most comprehensive injector testing available with todays technology. With every set of injectors we flow we supply a complete digital printout of injector flow at your specified voltage and pressure. We also have the ability to test injectors at specific pulse widths, rpms, and more. With each printout we also supply the amperage draw and resistance of each injector.

This service includes the following -

  • Initial Inspection
  • Resistance Test, Amp Draw Test and we check for any shorts in the injector
  • External cleaning including any bead blasting
  • Initial Flow Test, check for leaks and inspect spray pattern
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Replacing Filter Basket injector, replace any pintle caps as required and replace any o rings as required.
  • Post Fuel Injector Flow Test
  • Digital Printout of before and after data on the injectors



By paying online for the injector service your only responsible for the shipping of the injectors to our facility.


All injectors must be shipped to-

Justin's Performance Center
301 Serendipity Drive
Millersville, MD 21108


Every set of injectors MUST have your order number on the box.


When paying for shipping you are covering the return shipping only. If you require next day air shipping please pay for it at checkout.