Kenne Bell- 40amp Boost a Pump

Kenne Bell- 40amp Boost a Pump

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Increases existing fuel pump capacity up to 50%.

Internally Regulated to 17.5v

Easily installed. Uses stock wiring. No fuel line modifications.



No batteries to run down, replace or let you down.

Eliminates expensive and time consuming fuel tank removal.

Works with any pump full or part-time.

Activation vacuum or pressure switch included in kit.

Compensates for reduced voltage (lower pump output) when lights or other accessories are on.

Maintains consistent pump output regardless of battery voltage (down to 10 volts).

Optimizes Air/Fuel Ratio and horsepower by matching the engine fuel requirements.

Quiet operation. Not NOISY like in line pumps.

Improves gas mileage if vehicle now running on high idle fuel pressure.

Maintains stock fuel pressure at idle and part throttle.

Controls WOT fuel pressure with return line shut off valves (FMU,FSB).

Maintains constant output voltage to pump within 1% from 10 to 12.5 battery voltage.

Doesn't affect pump life.

Ideal for any Nitrous System.

Anodized red aluminum.

Fused circuit protection.

Works on any car, truck, or boat with 12V electric fuel pump.

Compact size, lightweight (less than 2 lbs.).