Tremec- Magnum XL S197 Conversion

Tremec- Magnum XL S197 Conversion

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149.00 LBS
$375.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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2015-up Models will require you to clearance the tunnel some for the reverse lock out


Known unofficially as the S197 Magnum, this new 6-speed model will feature a direct-shift extension housing designed to eliminate the notoriously unpopular semi-remote factory shifter. Additionally, a slip yoke style interface will also make it easy to ditch the equally unpopular 2-piece driveshaft in favor of a more robust 1-piece arrangement.

As with all Magnum 6-speeds, TREMEC aims to put a 700 lb-ft. seal of approval on the new Mustang units, and will eventually offer them with both Magnum ratio packages to suit a variety of street and performance driving scenarios.

Great solution for 2011-2012 Ford Mustangs with fragile factory Getrag MT-82 transmissions! Also replacing the weak TR3650 and the shifting issue prone TR6060.


Two different ratio options are available:

2.66:1st 1.78:2nd 1.30:3rd 1.00:4th 0.74:5th 0.50:6th

2.97:1st 2.07:2nd 1.43:3rd 1.00:4th 0.80:5th 0.62:6th


Transmission will work with OEM slave cylinder on 2005-2010 GT, 2007-2009 GT500 and 2011-up GT/Boss (must remove oem aluminum spacer on 2011-up). 2010-up GT500 requires different Slave listed in options

***2011-up GT/BOSS require the Speed Calibration Box which is added into the cost of the package when selecting your vehicle***

***Aftermarket flywheel REQUIRED for 2007-up GT500 and 2011-up GT/Boss. Highly recommended for all applications***



700lb-ft Torque Capacity SFI Steel Bellhousing 2.97 or 2.66 1st Gear 26 T Input Shaft Spline 31 T Output Shaft Spline Shifter Cross Member



**** If you have a Commercial Shipping Address you can use, Please call for Sale to Lower Shipping Total ****