80lb Injector Set of 8 (86-04 GT/V6/Cobra/Mach 1)

80lb Injector Set of 8 (86-04 GT/V6/Cobra/Mach 1)

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The EV1 80lbs/hr @39.15.psi or 84lbs/hr @ 43.5 EFI fuel injectors function at 11-12 Ohms, These new injectors offer users the increased benefit of an optimal fuel spray pattern once placed following installation inside the vehicle engine. These injectors work exceptionally well with any of the new Ford Mustang engine types, along with many other engine types capable of utilizing MORE POWER!

  • Optimal fuel spray pattern allows engines to utilize MORE POWER!!!
  • Injectors offer a high impedance rate of 11-12 Ohms.
  • These new Siemens EV1 fuel injectors are compatible with any Ev1 wire harness

Product Specifications

80lbs/hr @39.15.psi or 84lbs/hr @ 43.5 11.0 Ohms EV1 Package (Minitimer)

Dimensions: 4.00H x 6.25W x 4.25D

Weight: 1.00#

Instruction Sheet: N/A

Warranty Available: No