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AEM- Coyote Swap Standalone ECU / Harness Package

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15.00 LBS
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Are you in the market for a standalone ECU for your Coyote swap project? Don't feel like wiring everything yourself?

Look no further then the complete AEM Coyote swap package. This system plugs directly into your existing injector / engine harness that comes with most crate engines. Simply connect to the harness and plug in your pedal to get your car up and running. This system also comes what you need to trigger other functions (fans / fuel pump / water pump) with it's built in Bussman Fuse / relay panel. This complete package is the only system on the market that runs all 4 camshafts, drive by wire, and also offers traction control without the need for external boxes.


Included in this package -

  • AEM Infinity 8 Standalone
  • AEM Coyote Control Pack Harness
  • 2 AEM Wideband Sensors
  • 3.5 Bar Map sensor
  • Brass 150psi Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Brass 100psi Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • Air Intake Temperature Sensor