AFCO- 2005-2014 Double Adjustable Shocks (Pair) (Stock Location)

AFCO- 2005-2014 Double Adjustable Shocks (Pair) (Stock Location)

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100.00 LBS
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

AFCO Eliminator Shocks are built specifically for drag racing. Shocks were engineered on AFCO's onboard drag car data acquisition system to give you total control and unsurpassed traction. Eliminator adjustable shocks feature ultra-low friction rod guides to allow the shocks internals to function to their fullest potential with no "stiction" to interfere with putting the power down.

AFCO Eliminator Stock Mount shocks bolt-in to your vehicle and are available in single & double adjustable variants. Single adjustable shocks give you the ability to adjust rebound dampening control only without affecting the compression dampening. Double adjustable shocks allow for adjustments of rebound and compression independently.