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Diamond- Competition Series Coyote 5.0L -6CC Pistons 9.5:1

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Diamond Pistons are a great choice for your 5.0 Coyote engine. They are relentless about developing the highest quality pistons in the industry by using the latest CNC machinery and computer software aids, as well as providing unmatched quality control. Their offerings for the Ford Mod motors is no exception with a wide variety of choices for street, strip, naturally aspirated, or boosted applications. All of their pistons are forged from 2618 Alloy for high horsepower and strength and come complete with pins and locks.

All Diamond Forged Coyote 5.0 Liter Pistons feature:

  • Standard 1.5mm/1.5mm/3mm ring package
  • Premium 4130 chrome moly wrist pins
  • Top ring placed down .300" from crown
  • Intake and exhaust valve reliefs at .075" deep
  • .866" x 2.500" pin size
  • Double Spirolocks pin retention
  • 2618 High strength alloy for power adders
  • Small notches to clear factory piston oil sprayers
  • Setup for Stock Stroke and Stock Length Rod, compression distance is 1.169" giving .010" deck clearance

Compression Ratio 9.5:1