JPC- 2011-up Mustang GT/BOSS 2 3/4" Mandrel Bent Over the Axle Pipes

JPC- 2011-up Mustang GT/BOSS 2 3/4" Mandrel Bent Over the Axle Pipes

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The OEM over axel pipe on the late model Mustang leaves a lot to be desired. The stock unit is manufactured with the goal of suppressing the motors sound as much as possible. This sound deadening robs the motor of vital flow and horsepower. Take your horsepower back with the LTH axel back system. The LTH axel back is finished in our exclusive Titan™ finish that provides an all over matte finish and added durability. Use this pipe to connect your OEM or LTH Long Tube Headers and X-pipe to an OEM or LTH Axel Back Exhaust system.


Key Features

  • 2.75″ stainless steel
  • Titan™ finish for added durability
  • Modular design allows for use with OEM components
  • Developed for best balance of low end and top end power.
  • Precision designed for perfect fitment.
  • Manufactured in house in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty, as always

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  • 5
    amazing produxt.

    Posted by Jon on 5th Jun 2015

    Wow! I didn't think these pipes would make a big difference in sound or performance. I was wrong! As soon as I got it back from the shop and started it up, it sounded like a completely different monster. I would highly recommend this product to anyone lookin to open up their exhaust and not wanting to break the bank. Excellent group of guys at JPC and fast shipping.

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    loving the over the axle pipes.

    Posted by alex hialeah, fl on 19th Mar 2015

    Purchased these over the axle pipes for my 2011 Brembo GT. The pipes them selves came properly wrapped and packaged. The welds are really top notch and the fitment/finish was perfect. My stang is dumped on coilovers and I have zero issues with the elbow hitting the axle like the stock unit did. They don't include instructions in the box but the installation it self is super easy. I strongly recommend getting a lift if your planning on doing this swap. I'm really loving the extra sound coming out of the back with my ghost cam tune sounds really wicked. Basically for the money if you want some extra sound and a little bit more punch I recommend these pipes to any coyote owner. If your the kind of person who worries about sound the levels of your mustang maybe you should buy a Toyota Prius. JPC 4da win.

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    Over axle pipes

    Posted by Josh on 9th Jul 2014

    I have these on my lowered 2013 5.0 Mustang. Clearance is awesome! Even with the aftermarket panhard bar installed. I have The Roush Axle back & the exhaust tips line up with the rear valance perfectly =] These over axle pipes are high quality mandrel bend & now my mustang sounds amazing! Thank you JPC

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    Nice Pipes

    Posted by Chris F on 21st Aug 2013

    I purchased these over axle pipes (called "OAP" from here on out) to make room for a torque arm setup and to fine tune the sound of my 2013 Mustang GT. On my car, the factory pipes w/ resonators were positioned so close together (1.5" at most between resonators) it left little room for anything to fit in there so I had to find an alternative.

    The JPC OAP's appeared to be of high quality with no slop in fitment where the pipes meet up. I am using these OAP's with the factory H-Pipe and a Ford Motorsports "Sport" Axle back setup. Everything matted up nicely with no drama. I do have some fine adjustments to do with the Axle back because one side is now protruding beyond the bumper more then the other (1/2" maybe) but I couldn't say if that is a byproduct of the OAP or not because they appeared to be of equal length prior to install. In theory, they should be able to provide perfect fitment out back if your careful and have a helper. I did the install myself on jack stands so perfect alignment the first time out was pretty difficult to achieve.

    The routing of the pipes on my none lowered car was pretty impressive and actually hugs the undercarriage of the car much nicer then the OEM pipes did. Because the JPC pipes do not hang down as much it should be a huge plus once I do lower the car in the next month or so.

    When installing these OAP's you do need to take extra care of how you route them over the factory Panhard brace because there is little room for error here. You also have to be aware of how close you position them above the Panhard brace because there are gas lines just above that area to also consider. I can't say for sure if an aftermarket Panhard brace will work with these OAP's or not but I can say it will be a challenge for the installer.

    In terms of sound differences between these and the OEM pipes I could not offer an opinion since I went from a factory exhaust to a JPC OAP with FRPP Sport Axle back configuration all at once. What I can say though is that this combination along with retaining the factory H-Pipe provides an awesome head turning old school V8 soundtrack with zero drone at any speed.

    In summary, I would definitely recommend these pipes to others based on my experience thus far and although I have not lowered my car yet I didn't see anything in the way they route to believe I will have any issues once I do lower the car. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed anyway.