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JPC- 2015-2017 Mustang GT/GT350 Return Style Fuel System (1400 HP) w/ Rails - Black ASSEMBLED PTFE

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The JPC return style fuel system is a direct replacement for your stock fuel assembly, while also utilizing the stock level sender placement. This is a complete system that will support over 1400 horsepower.

JPC's return style fuel systems are the highest quality fuel systems on the market featuring the best components available. These systems use a Fore Innovations fuel hat with multiple fuel pump arrangement options. JPC offers multiple different options for these systems to build a kit specifically for your application and power level. All systems are built to order by hand for the customer. If you have any questions about what options will be best for your combination give us a call and we'll happy to spec a system out for your combination.

This system comes COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED. No more trying to fight PTFE fittings during the install, this system allows for fast and easy installation. Now with new instructions to also assist in an easier installation. These systems are guaranteed to fit!!!!!

With all of our systems we now offer a new Bussman seal fuse / relay panel. These wiring systems are OEM quality featuring 100% pure copper 4g wire.  We also offer Hobb switches for customers looking to trigger pumps at different times.

All systems come with wiring and fitting layout instructions to guide you along. We also offer tech help on our systems Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST.


System Includes:

  • Fore Innovations Twin Pump Fuel Hat (Upgradable to 3 pump setup).
  • Fore Innovatinos F2i Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • AEM 7 Micron Filter w/ Billet Aluminum Case 
  • Fore Innovations -8an Fuel Rails
  • (2) Walbro 465 Fuel Pumps (upgradable to 3)
  • Bussman Fuel Pump Control Panel - Includes 2 relays (3 relays in 3 pump setups). Available wi/ Hob switch for fuel pump triggering.
  • All Fragola Black Fittings
  • High quality PTFE Hose w/ Black Finish - Completely Assembled
  • 0-100PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • Systems come with all required clamps, hoses and fittings. Systems do come with instructions.