RGR- Coyote Stroker Shortblock 335 Cubic Inches

RGR- Coyote Stroker Shortblock 335 Cubic Inches

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$15,750.00 $15,499.99
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100.00 LBS
$250.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The Biggest Baddest Coyote Engine on the block!!!


Add Some Displacement to your already wicked 5.0 Coyote Engine. JPC and RGR have been working together over the past year developing the 335ci Coyote engine. With hundreds of track passes and dyno pulls to back it up. This engine has been put to the test for durability and power. JPC is the ONLY place to find this engine as JPC/RGR are the sole proprietor of this technology.

The JPC/RGR 335ci Coyote comes started with our revolutionary CSS™ system which allows us to push these blocks much farther then any of our competition. If your looking for a block that can constantly support well over 1000hp then this is the only true option available.

Let RGR and JPC's years of race winning experience go to work for you. Give us a call today for engine specifics and we'll custom build the engine for your specific needs.


Parts List:

  • Custom Built Bryant Billet Crank
  • Billet 6.125 Oliver Rods
  • Custom Built Diamond Pistons 3.700 Bore
  • Total Seal Ring Pack (file fit)
  • All ARP Hardware
  • RGR Outlaw Block (Darton Sleeves) 
  • RGR CSS™    "Coyote Support System"
  • Clevite H Series Rod Bearings 
  • King HP Main Bearings
  • New FRPP 2013-2014 Engine Block
18 Week build time minimum ALL PARTS AND PIECES ARE CUSTOM (these are also approx. time frames)