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Transmission Crossmember 82-93 Mustangs (T56, TH400, T45)

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A direct fit for upgrading your Fox to a T-45, T-56, T-56 Magnum, T-56XL*, TR-3650 or TH-400** transmission. 
This unique single tube design adds stiffness and strength far beyond that of the OEM versions while offering versatility
 like no other. Simply slide the mounting sleeves and reposition the spacers to cover your applicationThe crossmember is engineered to work with OEM and aftermarket transmission mounts; all while maintaining your current pinion angle. Low deflection polyurethane bushings are used in the mounts to dampen driveline vibrations and noise. 
For racing applications the polyurethane bushings can be replaced with optional solid bushings.

*  Magnum XL must use Ford OEM offset transmission mount (F6ZZ-6068-A).

                 **  TH-400 requires additional spacing due to a shorter mounting pad height.
                      Use Stifflers adapter (TM-M02and transmission mount (300-ES31108G)

    ***  NOTE: Will NOT clear exhaust when running BBK long tube headers.


-   Single tube design for maximum stiffness without excess weight.
-   Easily adjust for T-45, T-56, T-56 Magnum, T-56 (XL)*, TR-3650 & TH-400** transmissions.
-   Uses factory located 4.5" wide body mounts, no relocation required.
-   Engineered to maintain pinion angle when using either OEM or aftermarket transmission mounts
-   Allows more exhaust clearance than OEM style.
-   Supplied with polyurethane bushings or can be replaced with solid mounting bushing for racing applications.