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About Us

JPC Racing Performance Center



Justin's Performance Center, Inc.

JPC was established in 2001, based off of one man's desire to provide customers with a performance shop capable of providing great customer service, knowledge and a straightforward, honest answer. Our goal is to provide customers with our experience gained through many years of racing and high performance modifications on and off the track. JPC applies that knowledge to customers' street cars and the products we develop, for a “do it right the first time” approach. We do not use customers’ cars as test beds.

JPC Manufactured Products

With the ever increasing need of quality products that work right the first time, JPC has been in the business of Research and Development and Manufacturing of our own line of aftermarket parts for over a decade. Have you ever had a part that didn't perform right the first time out of the box? We have too, many times over. There is nothing more frustrating than spending your hard earned money on parts that fail to live up to their claims.  That is why you will always find the best products available with our name on them, not only do we sell it, but we test it, use it and abuse it until we are happy that it will be up to our customers' satisfaction every time. Our team of engineers and craftsmen have years of combined experience and are sure to put you ahead of the pack. Whether it's a Fuel system, Intake manifold, Line Lock kit, Turbocharging system or any one of our other numerous in-house designed products, you can be sure you bought the right product the first time.


JPC Dyno Dynamics Chassis Dyno

JPC In-House Dyno Dynamics Eddy Current Chassis Dyno

JPC has an in-house Dyno Dynamics eddy current dyno, which we use to test manufacturers' claims, develop in-house products and perform all our calibration work on. At JPC, we use our own vehicles and facility to develop products and packages that meet or exceed our customer's overall needs and goals.
We have decades of combined experience working with high performance engines of all types—supercharged, turbo-charged, nitrous and naturally aspirated. JPC is still a small business, which strives to provide personal, quality customer service.


JPC Retail Showroom

Our facility in Denton, MD not only features a state-of-the-art Chassis Dyno and Installation Center, we also have a fully stocked Retail Showroom featuring all of the newest in performance parts. If you are in the Denton, MD area, be sure to stop by.