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Dyno Tuning Services

JPC In-House Hub Dyno (6000 HP) and Chassis Dyno (1500 HP)


JPC has an in-house Mainline ProHub 6000 HP hub dyno and a Dyno Dynamics 1500hp eddy current dyno. If your are not looking for tuning, our dyno's are also available for rent, starting at $850 for a half day and $1250 for a full day. 

JPC uses its dyno's to test manufacturers' claims, develop in-house products and perform all our calibration work on. We use our own vehicles and facility to develop products and packages that meet or exceed our customer's overall needs and goals.


We have decades of combined experience working with high performance engines of all types—supercharged, turbo-charged, nitrous and naturally aspirated. JPC is still a small business, which strives to provide personal, quality customer service. Here at JPC we use all kind of different software to meet each of our customers requirements such as -

  • SCT

  • HP Tuners

  • Holley EFI

  • FuelTech

  • Haltech

  • and more! 



Dyno pricing can vary between different applications, so for pricing for you specific application please give us a call: (410) 729-0005.