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JPC Racing Launches Boosted Concepts Converters and Boost Guard Transmission Fluid

20th Aug 2020

DENTON, MD. (Aug. 20, 2020): Justin’s Performance Center and its motorsports division, JPC Racing, are proud to announce the launch of Boosted Concepts.

An innovative brand of track-tested torque converters developed over years of NMRA drag racing success, Boosted Concepts was developed to help racers and enthusiasts alike take the guesswork out of a key area in their combination with proven products and effective solutions.

“We started creating our own line of custom parts with JPC Racing a few years back after experiencing the frustration that comes with a product not living up to its manufacturer’s claims,” says Justin Burcham, founder of Justin’s Performance Center.

“With those experiences in mind, we’ve been really careful to provide absolute excellence in our custom products. We’ve taken the approach of developing products that fill a void we see in the market, and then we continually engineer them until we love them. After years of learning with our team cars [winning multiple NMRA championships in the process], I’m excited to leverage our collective knowledge to offer our most valuable custom solution yet through Boosted Concepts.”

Currently, there are three turbine sizes of Boosted Concepts torque converters available: 245mm, 252mm, and 258 mm; racers also have the option to choose between a Diode or Spragless converter with each.

In addition to this new lineup of torque converters, Justin’s Performance Center also developed a complementing grade of transmission fluid, Boost Guard. The new fluid is made from virgin base oils and a high-performance additives package to perform at extreme temperatures common to racing situations.

Boost Guard Transmission fluid and Boosted Concepts performance torque converters are available for purchase now at and

About Justin’s Performance Center, Inc.: JPC was established in 2001, based off of one man's desire to provide customers with a performance shop capable of providing great customer service, knowledge and a straightforward, honest answer. Our goal is to provide customers with our experience gained through many years of racing and high performance modifications on and off the track. JPC applies that knowledge to customers' streetcars and the products we develop, for a “do it right the first time” approach. We do not use customers’ cars as test beds.

About JPC Manufactured Products: With the ever-increasing need of quality products that work right the first time, JPC has been in the business of research and development and manufacturing of our own line of aftermarket parts for over a decade. Have you ever had a part that didn't perform right the first time out of the box? We have too, many times over. There is nothing more frustrating than spending your hard earned money on parts that fail to live up to their claims. That’s why you will always find the best products available with our name on them, not only do we sell it, but we test it, use it and abuse it until we are happy that it will be up to our customers' satisfaction every time. Our team of engineers and craftsmen have years of combined experience and are sure to put you ahead of the pack. Whether it's a Fuel system, Intake manifold, Line Lock kit, Turbocharging system or any one of our other numerous in-house designed products, you can be sure you bought the right product the first time.


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