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BMR- 2011-2014 Polyurethane Adjustable Upper Control Arm

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The single upper control arm is responsible for maintaining pinion angle and preventing axle counter-rotation. This "3 link" style suspension is ideal for autocross and road race applications as it allows the most articulation possible with a solid axle. For drag racing, however, the single, centered link becomes a weak point as the arm is only one inch thick in the middle and made from light gauge, stamped steel. Our upper control arm is made from 1 5/8" x .120 wall DOM tube and is MIG welded. We use the largest adjuster in the industry, 1-1/8", for a bulletproof combination.

BMR uses internally fluted high-durometer polyurethane bushings. Pumping grease into the external grease fitting forces the grease between the bushings, through the internal flutes and outward to the thrust surfaces of the bushing. This insures that all surfaces of the bushing are properly lubed by simply pumping grease into one fitting.

Angle finders available through BMR.

*BMR strongly recommends upgrading the stock Upper Control Arm Mount when utilizing an aftermarket Upper Arm on S197 Mustangs. Clunking noise may become present without an upgraded Upper Control Arm Mount. The correct part # for this application is UCM002.