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Procharger- 2024 Mustang GT Stage 2 Kit

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The 2024 Mustang S650 supercharger kit has been a major focal point for us the past few months. After debuting the kit at SEMA and seeing the positive response from customers, we were even more excited to complete our battery of tests that are a critical part of our development process…and a core reason why we can boast the highest reliability in the industry.

It would be hard these days NOT to hear about a ProCharger supercharged racer taking home a win or setting a racing record. With 68 major champions and over 400 event wins in the past two years from our amazing racers in virtually every form of motorsports, our ProCharger supercharger technology has evolved with the racing demands to offer reliable power all the way up to 4500+ horsepower. From Pro Mod to No Prep, Offroad to 214+ mph marine applications, our engineers took their learnings from these race applications and applied it to the new 2024 Mustang.

Our engineers packed all the Championship winning greatness from the S550 (2015-2023) system, the very same kits that power 1,500+ hp Mustang racers, into the 2024 S650 Mustang Stage 2 systems. Some of the highlights of what make the S550/S650 systems so robust include:

  • Coolest Inlet Location (not just looks)
    Locating the blower inlet close to the wheel allows the cool outside air that comes up through the wheel well to flow directly into the blower inlet, which ultimately yields cooler inlet air temps (IATs).
  • Billet Aluminum Bracket, Gearbox, and Impeller
    We pride ourselves on being the only SC manufacturer to make all three of those components out of ultra-strong aircraft-grade billet aluminum for both visual and structural elements.
  • Highest Horsepower Supercharger Drive System
    Proven to support 1,500+ hp, 7-sec quarter miles – the fastest Coyotes in the world, run our SC brackets and crank supports.
  • Most Efficient Charge Air Cooling
    Utilizing the massive intercooler core, the same one used on our GT350 kits, and 3.5″ tubing, our unrestrictive flow path yields charge air temperatures at or near ambient.
  • Impeller Efficiency
    To achieve the highest horsepower levels, our impeller aerodynamics have to “propel us” (pun intended) to do so. Proven out both in our testing and by our ProCharged racers, our blowers have the highest efficiency in the industry.
  • Lowest Weight
    ProChargers are designed to be the lightest forced induction systems available, weighing significantly less than screw, PD, and turbo systems. 
  • Reverse Blower Orientation
    Compared to the S197, we opted to mount the blower in a “reverse orientation” for the S550 and S650. This moves the SC closer to the centerline of the engine, allowing the S650 to have a shorter belt, a stiffer bracket, and reduced loads on the crankshaft.