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JPC- 2005-2014 GT/GT500/Boss Black Clutch Line Upgrade

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$8.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)



GET THE ACTUAL ORIGINAL!!!! Don't let the competition fool you with their copies.  The JPC Clutch line upgrade was brought to the market over 10 years ago to provides more volume to you clutch hydraulic system. Includes -4an Black Covered Braided Stainless Steel line and 2 OE Quality Hydraulic fittings that work with the OE Connections.  Get the ORIGINAL!!!


OE o-rings for the correct seal.

Upgraded clutch fluid line for high temperature, high performance applications

Replaces factory line from firewall to bellhousing

Black braided stainless steel flex hose reduces line expansion

15 Reviews

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    Upgraded clutch line

    Posted by Andrew on 15th Sep 2023

    Product looked great and fit perfectly. Quality stuff. Fast shipping as well. I live on the west coast and I ordered this from JPC, along with some other small stuff from a shop in Texas. This got here a full week before the stuff from Texas did. Plus I got a sticker so that was worth it too

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    Focus ST clutch cable

    Posted by Dave B. on 24th Sep 2018

    Lots of products out there for the ST shifter. Bearings, springs, washers, etc. Some made a slight difference on my first ST but on my new one I used this line and a FSwerks shift block. This setup is PERFECT. Clutch takeup is way more linear thanks to the clutch line with more definite engagement. A huge bargain.

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    Black... so it doesn't stand out!

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Feb 2017

    My stock line was black. So my aftermarket line should freakin' be black, too! I don't need to show off fluid lines for crying out loud. Found this JPC one, bought it, installed it, works perfectly.

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    great product.

    Posted by Nathan on 23rd Jan 2017

    Very happy with the quality of this clutch line. Its so much cheaper than the others, but the quality is just as good if not better. This went well with my new clutch setup. Im very happy with my pedal feel and that i bought this great product from jpcracing. Shipping was fast as well, thanks!

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    easy install

    Posted by Dillon on 1st May 2015

    The install really only took 5 min. i jacked the car up, pulled the firewall fitting and put the new one in instantly. I capped off the end of the old one so when the fluid would stay in the line when the tranny side came out. Worked like a charm. I didnt get fluid anywhere. Pumped the pedal a bizillion times and im good to go. My only concern was that the firewall fitting seems a bit loose. I checked for leaks and there arent any. Yes the o ring is on there and its connected right. I can wiggle it around a little bit more than i rememeber the stock one. If it doesnt leak tho, i mean who cares. I really didnt even need to add any more fluid either, but i had already bought it so i poured about 1-2 oz in.

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    uncontested quality over oem

    Posted by tony on 16th Apr 2015

    You can immediately see and feel the difference between the jpc line in comparison to the oem. Installation was a breeze for me and my little hands. Quick advice is to not take the bell housing retaining clip out all the way just slide it out enough to pop the oem line out, pop the fitting in and just simply slide the retaining clip in.

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    Huge difference!!

    Posted by Neal Jimenez on 7th Nov 2014

    JPC did a great job on this piece. Everything is top quality. Thanks for a great product! The clutch has a more on or off feeling. More like an aftermarket clutch. You can definitely tell the clutch is functioning better with more consistent pressure. The pedal actually feels a little lighter now then with the stock clutch line. I used a 11" pair of needle nose with a 90 degree bend to take the OEM hose off and to pull the JPC hose down onto the connection point. Made life easier than trying it by hand. Believe me, i have small hands and long tubes and i couldn't get the stock one off without the needle nose. The needle nose make life a lot easier.

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    Great product and quick install tip.

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Aug 2014

    For quick and easy bleed pre-fill the line. Now how do you do that. Well pick up some thread protectors at your favorite hardware store that fit the end of the hose. Grab some brake fluid that is approved for use with the car and a transfer pump. Attach the clutch line on the intake size of the pump. Pour brake fluid into open container you can fit your hand in. Place exit hose from the pump in to container. Stick the clutch hose in the brake fluid and pump. This will get all the air out and fill it. Now before you remove the hose from the fluid place the cap on the end in the fluid while it is still submerged in the fluid. With the other end pointing straight up remove it from the transfer pump and place a cap on it. When you install the hose install at the transmission first. When you remove the cap you may have one or two drops come out, but with the cap on the other end it will keep the fluid in the hose. After it is connected at the transmission then connect at the firewall. Pro-tips: Have four cap. As soon as you remove the factory line at the transmission place a cap on that end, stops the drip and keep the fluid from draining out. When you remove the factory line from the firewall place the other cap on that end. Keeps brake fluid from getting on your paint.

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    Quality and OEM look

    Posted by Hoss on 25th Jul 2014

    This clutch line solved my sticking clutch issue under high rpm conditions. It is easy to install, but, if you have big hands like me, enlist the help of someone with smaller hands. It will help speed up the process. I went with the black line because it looks "factory installed". Nothing stands out when at the dealership for other work being done.