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RGR Engines - Gen 3 Lockout Exhaust ONLY

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This exhaust only lockout kit provides the necessary pieces to lockout the EXHAUST CAM ONLY on both banks including the mounting hardware to attach them to the phasers and cams. Please consult with your tuner for degree positioning based on your cams and tunability.


When making big boost especially with a turbo application there comes a point where the factory oil pressure driven timing system just cant keep up. Previously, the standard option at that point is to lockout the phasers to a set timing position but that sacrifices street ability and low end torque. Since most of the stress of a turbo charger is held on the exhaust valves the option to lockout only the exhaust side cam only has huge benefits. Locking out the exhaust cam only allows to maintain intake cam angle control for street ability while still having enough holding power in the timing system to make significant amounts of boost. This has been tested to over 40lb of boost and over 2000Hp and still has good cam control. 


***Consult with your tuner for tunability***