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  • NanoPro NanoPro


    The 3-in-1 NanoPRO is an O2 Conditioner, Dash Display, and Switch Panel in one! O2 Sensor: The NanoPRO is compatible with 5 different wideband O2 sensors (Bosch 4.2, Bosch 4.9, Bosch 5.2, NTK ZFAS-U2 “laboratory,” and NTK ZFAS-A2). The...

  • FuelTech- WB-o2 Sensor

    FuelTech- WB-o2 Sensor

    Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband sensor   Used with any FuelTech wideband conditioner (WB-O2 Slim, WB-O2 Datalogger or Alcohol O2)   Can not be used with leaded fuel, diesel or 2 stroke engines. The sensor life is drastically reduced and it...

3 of 3 Items