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Bowler Transmission

Bowler- Tremec T-56 & Magnum - ALL-IN-ONE Harness w/ Reverse Lock Out

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7100000 For Standard T-56 Magnum, Magnum XL, & Mustang GT500 TR6060 7100001 For Borg Warner GM Non-Magnum T-56 (93-2002 Camaro/Firebird). Has Borg Warner GM VSS connector (will not work for Ford or Viper) 7100002 For GM Super Magnum, Magnum F, & 2010 -up Camaro TR6060. Has GM VSS connector. 

The All-in-One harness solution for the Tremec T-56 Magnum transmission comes equipped with all the connections pre-wired into one harness for a simple installation and ease of use. The small epoxy sealed controller is mounted to the VSS output using the existing bolt, and once the unit is powered up you will be able to connect via Bluetooth to your Apple or Android smartphone using our free app. The app will give you the ability to customize the input and output settings for each feature to ensure proper operation in your vehicle. The All-in-One harness eliminates the need for any additional equipment to operate the reverse lock out or generate the correct speedometer signals coming from your Tremec T-56 Magnum. This All-in-One harness solution is the perfect finishing touch for any Tremec T-56 Magnum conversion, and the only harness you will ever need. Prior to the development of the All-in-One harness you would need up to 5 separate parts to perform all the same functions wrapped up in this one harness solution. Getting the correct speed sensor output and operating the reverse lock out are typically the most frustrating and confusing. The more technology we incorporate into our hot rods these days sometimes requires specific input signals to allow everything to function correctly. There may be scenarios where you are using a speedometer that requires one signal and an ECM that requires a completely different signal.  With the 2 speed outputs that are available in the All-in-One harness you can independently control the output of each one further eliminating any need for additional equipment and connections. The reverse lock out on the Tremec T-56 Magnum is another commonly misunderstood feature. The reverse lock out is a solenoid controlled pin, that uses a spring to exert pressure against the shift rail, to help prevent an accidental shift into reverse when going into 5th gear. It doesn't prohibit reverse engagement, it only makes it difficult to shift into reverse when it is not getting a power signal. Once power is applied, the solenoid pulls the pin back allowing reverse engagement with minimal effort. The OE's control this feature using a speed setting to dictate when the pin is pulled rather than a momentary on/off signal. We've incorporated that same speed setting feature into the All-in-One harness to give you better control over when the lock out is triggered. The Tremec T-56 Magnum All-in-One Harness utilizes a small, built in, epoxy sealed box that will control each of the 3 functions with power and grounding for each function through a switched +12v circuit and a wire connected to the negative battery post or engine block. Control of the reverse lockout solenoid is based on a user defined speed setting (Default is set at locked above 4 MPH and unlocked at 0-3 MPH) This eliminates the need for a separate lock out control box which is currently the only option to activate the reverse lock out correctly. It is common for most folks to just simply connect their lock out solenoid to a momentary on/off switch such as the brake light switch to activate. This method will get the job done, but can over work the solenoid, and over time shorten its life span. For your electronic speedometer, the harness is equipped with 2 speed sensor outputs; the speed sensor outputs generate a square wave signal that goes from about -5 to roughly +5 volts, varying in frequency as the speed changes. But, you say, my ECM input needs a positive only signal. No problem! The output will automatically shift and give you 0 to +10 volts. The 2 speed sensor outputs are completely independent and can be calibrated separately with any pulse count and ratio you want.  So, these two outputs should pretty much be able to drive any common speedometer, cruise control, or ECM. This will give you much greater flexibility in the components you are able to use and requires less time wiring everything up. The reverse lights are powered by a single output wire connected to the positive side of your reverse lights; grounding of those lights should be local to the bulb socket. There is no easier solution for setting up your Tremec T-56 Magnum transmission! Tremec T-56 Magnum Reverse Lock Out Module Vehicle Speed Sensor with Dual Output, pre-set as GM 40 pulse output on one and 16 pulse output on the other.  This function can be adjusted with your iOS or Android device.  Includes wiring for reverse lights, reverse lock-out and vehicle speed sensor