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JPC- 2015-up Mustang GT Track Package (JPC Line Lock + MSD 2-Step)

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We're now offering a track package to help our customers get ready for the racing season. We know that consistency is a major factor in drag racing, if you can't get a consistent burnout or launch at a consistent RPM it's difficult to test the car and see if your actually improving or not.

This package includes a MSD 2 step which will allow you to set your launch RPM and a JPC Linelock kit to aid you in doing a consistent and solid burnout.


JPC S550 Line Lock

The JPC S550 line lock kit is now available from JPCRACING! This kit is the only line lock kit available for the 2015+ Ford Mustang.

Many of our customers know that the factory line lock kit is fairly clumsy to use, you have a lot of screens to go through and can be difficult to setup in a rush. With our new line lock kit you can bypass all of the screen and enable the line lock in an instant! This kit also allows you to install a line lock on a car that did not come with the factory option.

This line lock kit also includes stainless steel brake lines for both of the front brakes. Allowing for a firmer pedal and more braking power.


MSD 2-Step

When activated, the 2-Step will hold your engine at a constant RPM. This can be achieved by way of a clutch switch or push button. As soon as your activation switch or button is released, full ignition is restored and you’re off to the races.

The rpm is adjusted with two built-in rotary dials ranging from 1,800-9,900 rpm in 100 rpm increments. A handy LED shows when the launch rev limit is active.

  • Easily set a launch rpm for consistent holeshots
  • Connects to the factory coils for easy installation
  • The best way to achieve consistent launches
  • Easily plugs into factory coil connectors